Welcome to Martin's Math Page

Let's be honest: no normal person really loves maths. However, when becoming a Software Engineer in the nineties I was forced to learn a lot of Math. This even made me loose interest in the subject so I switched from the University to a University of Applied Sciences (HBO in Dutch).

However, now and then I see things 'out there' that I find fascinating that have their basis in Mathematics. In this repository I will add projects that I have created.

I get some inspiration from the great guys at Numberphile!. The way they explain geometry and how the Mandelbrot Fractal works inspired me to create a few projects that are accessible through the web.

There are currently two projects:

  1. Mandelbrot
  2. Rotating balls

Here you can find my different versions of rotating circles.

Here you can find my different versions of the Mandelbrot fractal.